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How can the Plato’s  alarm clock be constructed only using recycling materials
How can the Plato’s alarm clock be constructed only using recycling materials

The central mechanism os Plato’s alarm clock is the Pythagoras cup. The Pythagoras cup is a smart cup of wine brought a line defining the limit of filling and a curved pipette. When someone overfill the fluid covering the siphon, all the wine rows out of the cup automatically. Considered invention of Pythagoras (6th century BC.) who wanted to teach his students the need to respect the measure in our lives.
The Plato’s alarm clock, invented by the ancient Greek philosopher Plato (428–348 BC) who used it at night, possibly for signaling the beginning of his lectures at dawn. Plato’s alarm clock is consisted of three main vessels. The upper ceramic vessel supplies the next vessel (constructed as the Pythagoras cup) through an (appropriately calculated for every case) outflow funnel. When the second vessel becomes full at the programmed moment (for example after 7 hours) through the internally located axial pipette, it evacuates fast towards the next closed vessel and forces the contained air to come out whistling through a tube at its top. After its function, the third vessel empties slowly (through a small hole located at its bottom) towards the lower storage vessel in order to be reused.
In the frame of “TechnoRecycle” sub-project of the scientific project Archimedes III a competition was organized named “From the Pythagoras cup to Plato’s alarm clock using recycling materials”, see The participants were called to construct a Plato’s alarm clock, using recycling materials. In the competition were three innings, one of Thessaloniki, one of Mytilene and one from Athens. The competition results were presented in this paper.

A. Baldoukas, J. Zisos, D. Tseles, A. Skountzos
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